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Congratulations To Our Contest Winners!

Posted on November 25th, 2015

Congratulations to everyone who participated in the contest and made it to the final race!
The race as expected was very exciting with horses of similar champion ability vying for the title, it was a close race!
Well done to our other riders who will all be receiving prizes as well for participating.

If you didn’t make the finals this year, remember there’s always a chance next year with our new game coming soon.

  • 1st place was taken by Horse #5 “Suki Hama” owned by Patricia Mae
  • 2nd place was Horse #3 “Out” owned by Thomas O’Brien
  • 3rd place was Horse #2 “Feu de Glace” owned by Annie Chatelain
  • 4th place was Horse #6 “Gymandie” owned by James Erskine Jr.
  • 5th place was Horse #1 “Tantieme” owned by Bernard Aubry