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What are the best browsers to play Blazing Silks on?

You can play Blazing Silks on any of the major browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Opera) across both Mac and PC platforms. However, the performance of the 3D video will vary across each. In our experience, Chrome is the best browser to play our game on because of its catching properties. You will find after the 1st download of the track that any subsequent races will happen very fast. in contrast, on Safari due to to its caching properties, it will download the assets for each track every time you race, causing racing to take a long time. If you are on very fast Internet connection then you may not notice an issue. But, if you only have a modest broadband connection you may see a significant performance lagged because of this. So we suggest you use browsers that allow for efficient caching, and a better gaming experience.