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I can’t install Unity Web Player from the game, how do I install it manually?

This game requires the Unity Web Player to run the races, if you haven’t installed it before on your computer, the game will detect this and will automatically advise you to install it from inside the game.


If this process fails for any reason, you can always install Unity Web Player manually from the Unity Web Player download website.

To do this, please click on the following link:


Once you have accessed the URL, please select your Operating System first and then please click on the “Download” blue button to start your download.


Next, the installation file is ready to be saved onto your hard drive.

Once it has finished downloading, please go to your download folder and execute the file named “UnityWebPlayer.exe” and follow the instructions to install it.

Once the Unity Web Player Setup has finished, you are ready to go back to the game and race in 3D.