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What do I do if I won all the racing challenges and I can’t move up to the next level?

First, you have to make sure you have completed all the “Experience Points” or XP to fulfill your level. You can check your XP status in the upper right corner, just where your jockey face is, or at the first text line in the Challenges board. You can obtain XP in different ways:

  • Completing Challenges points: There are two kinds of challenges: The single time challenges that you just do them once and the multi-time challenges that require you to do them as many times as necessary to get your horse to the best performance. Challenge levels are: Apprentice, Amateur, Professional and Legend. Every time you click on the “START” or “START AGAIN” buttons, you received an amount of XP that will help you completing your level.
  • Racing: You will earn XP by racing in our different contests. You can race against your friends’ horses in a “for fun race” or in a “stake race” at the “Race Your Friends” section. You can also race your horse against the “Blazing Horses” and “Breeder’s Cup Classic Champions”. Even if you lose any of these contests, you will always get some XP.
  • Chance Cards: While you are playing the Blazing Silks Breeder’s Cup game, every 15 minutes you receive a bonus called the “Chance Cards”. Your first option will be 15 of energy, however, you can always choose any other of the Chance Cards and if you are lucky, you can get an important XP reward.
  • Lucky Wheel: Everyday, when you come back to the game, you will have the chance to spin the Lucky Wheel, there you can earn some XP or any other nice prizes.
    When you have completed all necessary XP, you will be moving to the next level and you can have access to all the fun of new challenges and unlock new tracks.