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Customizing a race

Blazing Silks allows you to race your horse in all kinds of conditions, various distances and either dirt of turf surface using the Track’s default preferences. You can change these preferences and customize your own race using different options available in your Race Program board.

Available options are:

  • Select your preferred track
  • Select the Race’s distance
  • Select the Race’s surface
  • Select the Race’s weather conditions

Selecting your preferred Track
You can select where to run, by selecting the Track’s picture at the bottom of the Race Program board. Just click on the dropdown menu and choose between your tracks. Available tracks depend on what tracks you’ve unlocked or the tracks you’ve purchased at the Market.

Selecting the Race’s Distance
You can select how far you want to run by selecting the one of the different distances available at the bottoms of the Race Program board. Just click on the dropdown menu and choose between:

  • 5 Furlongs
  • 6 Furlongs
  • 1 Mile (8 Furlongs)
  • 1 ¼ Mile (10 Furlongs)

Selecting the Race’s Surface
You can select one of the two available track’s surface where horses will run. Your options here are:

  • Dirt
  • Turf

Selecting your Race’s Weather Conditions:
You can choose the weather you would like to have during your race. Your horse’s and your opponents’ performance may vary depending on specific track conditions. Some horses will have a better chance of winning on a fast or a muddy track, for some others it may be the opposite; it all depends on who is racing. You just need to click on the dropdown list and select between the available track’s conditions.


  • Fast
  • Wet-Fast
  • Good
  • Muddy
  • Sloppy
  • Frozen
  • Slow


  • Firm
  • Good
  • Soft
  • Yielding
  • Heavy