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Improving your horse

To improve your horse you must complete Challenges and Races, earn Experience. Turn Experience points into performance upgrades the way you believe is best for your horse. Experience points need to be collected to move from one level to another, and to unlock new tracks, challenges and other features. It is also important to properly equip your horse and farm. Don’t forget to nurture your horse: it needs to be regularly and properly fed. The only way to raise a true champion is to balance all the methods. Let us review each of them in detail.

You can earn experience points by racing with your friends or computer-generated “Blazing” horses. Key races are included in your list of challenges. Refer to FAQs on how to set up a race.

As you travel the world with your horse, you may be challenged with obstacles and conditions that your horse never experienced before. Luckily, there is help available, such as experienced professionals: coaches, vets and others are willing to help for a little fee. In most cases, you must pay coins for their services. Most of the challenges consume your horse’s energy. Sometimes you need to wait for a few minutes for a challenge to complete. As you complete a challenge, you get experience points in reward. These are your points to use for performance improvements. Some challenges can be repeated –at a higher level. There are three challenge levels Amateur, Apprentice, and Professional. Make sure that your horse finishes all the available challenges. To start a challenge, simply click on any available item in “challenges” tab. All available challenges are marked with “Start” or “Start again” buttons. Refer to a figure.

When doing challenges and races, you collect experience points (XP). Experience points are very important, because they can be used to boost your performance attributes. In the example below, an owner has 137 experience points at their disposal. They can assign these points to boost either of the performance abilities, however, improving different abilities costs a different number of experience points. When you complete more races and challenges, you will get more experience points to spend.

Another important use for experience points is progressing from one level to another. Look at a horseshoe in the figure below: the more points you earn, the bigger area turns into yellow. You need a certain number of experience points to move to a next level. With each level, new activities are enabled.

Taking a good care of your horse is also important. Feed the horse twice daily; give it supplements and tasty treats. Feeding on grass is a default, however, you could use nutritious, premium foods. You may need to spend coins to get a better food, snack, or a supplement, but that will pay off in a long term, as your horse will get healthier and stronger. Purchase these items in a Market, available from “my horse” tab. Once Market opens, select a food icon and choose your treat. Refer to the figure. Once purchased, food items will be shown next to your horses feeding options on a “my horse” tab.

Having the best equipment is important to get an extra edge in races. Some items are obtainable through the challenges. You can use market to buy extra equipment for your horse and for your farm. These items provide boosts to various performance characteristics of your horse. The effect of each item is shown next to each item in the market. Your horse needs to be at a certain level to be able to use some of these items. Click on a horse/jockey equipment icon to access extra horse equipment for sale, or click on a trailer icon to purchase farm equipment. Read more on collecting horse, jockey and farm equipment in our FAQ.