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Inviting your friends into the game

1. Inviting friends is an important part of the game. By inviting friends you will enjoy the experience of peer-to-peer racing for fun and stakes against your friends. Also, when you invite friends you get new champion horse cards, collecting five or more cards will allow you to get new horses for free after you have completed the Breeders’ Cup Championship Challenge.

2. Click the “invite friends” tab located at the upper right side of the Blazing Silks game screen. See the image below.

3. A list of all your Facebook friends opens. You may select recipients individually, by checking the appropriate boxes, or choose “select all’’ to share this game with all your friends. When choosing the recipients, scroll up and down using the yellow scroll bar to the right. Please refer to the figure below.

3. Use the search box to find friends faster. You can simply start typing your friend’s name in the search box and list of all names continuing what you typed will appear.

4. When you are done selecting recipients, hit a “send invite” button. Your friend(s) will receive an invitation from Facebook to join Blazing Silks and you will obtain 5 bonus Energy points for each invite. Should they accept the invitation, you will be able to challenge them to a friendly race in no time!