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Manually Installing the Unity Web Player

  1. In order to play this game (or Blazing Silks – Breeders Cup Edition) you must install Unity Web Player.
  2. To do this, please click on the “Unity Web Player – install now” icon in the middle of the Pop-up when you are prompted.

  3. Once you clicked the install now icon, you will be taken to Unity Web Player’s download website.
  4. There you have to choose your Operating System first and then please click on the blue “Download” button.

  5. Up next, the installation file will be ready to be saved into your hard drive.
  6. Once it has finished downloading, please go to your download folder and execute the file named “UnityWebPlayer.exe”.
  7. Once the Unity Web Player Setup has finished, you are ready to go back to the game.
  8. Please click on the Pop-up’s “OK” button and enjoy the game.