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Player levels [New Feature]

Each of your horse’s now have their own individual level called “Horse Level” which is different from the “Player Level”.  The Player level is determined essentially the sum of all the experience points (XP) earned by all the player’s horses during their career and any additional activities that may earn a player experience points.  As horses increase their levels certain content and challenges will be available to those horses; likewise, as players increase their levels certain game content will be unlocked to them.  

During the first 8 levels of the game the Player Level and their first horse’s Horse Level will be the same.  After a player get’s their second horse and they reach a Player Level of 9, it will take 10,000 more XP to reach level 10 and each subsequent level thereafter, which is the equivalent of each of there horses making it past level 9 and being 2/3 the way to level 10.  

Players Level is shown beneath their character icon on the Home page.

A Horse’s Level can be seen on their horse card (as shown below).

It is also indicated on the Challenges Tab by how much XP they need to get to the next level.