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Racing against your friends

1. To challenge your friends to a race, you need to go to the Menu Bar located in the middle and click the “Race” icon or check the blue “Race” tab (please see below)

2. In either case you will be taken to our “Race” page and you will see three racing icons, click the “Race Your Friends” icon (please see image below ).

3. After choosing “Race Your Friends” icon, you will have 2 options for the “types of race” shown in the visual below:

1) A “Friendly” race or 2) a race with Stakes.

1) A “Friendly” race requires 5 Energy points and has a 250 Coins Entry Fee. It does not require permission from your friend.

2) A “Stakes” Race expends 5 Energy points and requires both for that friend to be online and “in” the game and for that. The person with whom you would like to race has to accept your challenge. The minimum stake is 500 coins, but can be as high as you would like. The person you are running against must “accept” this amount. Choose your racing stake and click “Continue”. Please refer to the image below.

4. Once you have chosen your stakes, you will be taken to the screen below, just choose your friends by checking a box next to their names of your choice. If your friend(s) are unavailable, you may also choose horses from Cohort or Club (see the figure below). Cohorts are available after level three (3). Club racing is available after you have been invited to join the Club based on your success in the racing.

5. Once you selected your friend to race against, click the “Continue” button. Before starting a race, you will have an option to change your Race “Set Up”. You can assign your unused experience (XP) points to your various horse attributes. The number of available points is displayed in the upper right.  Click the appropriate Plus button (s). When you are done, click continue (see below).

6. Make your choice, you have the option to watch your race in 3D or to see “Instant Results”, then click OK (see below).

7. We encourage you to choose a 3D option.  When you race, you get to chat with the person you are racing against (see below). Rooting for your beloved horse in a real-time race is so much fun!  Besides, you will see how your horse performs at important stages of a race: does it have a good start? Does it have enough energy for a strong finish?

8. Before you see your race or results, you will be shown the “Race Program” window, please click Continue. Enjoy the race!

9. …and now results are in. Collect your experience points, and, if you won the race, get your well-deserved coins!