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Racing the Breeder’s Cup Classic Champions

One of the most entertaining and challenging type of races available in the game is to race against one or more than one famous horse in history of The Breeder’s Cup Classic. These are the best ten horses you can race again. To race against a champion, you must have unlocked Level 7 first and have a good level of experience and skills, in this way you have more chances to beat them on a race.

If you are ready to race against them, just go to the “RACE” tab and select the icon called “Race the Breeder’s Cup Classic Champions”.

After clicking the icon, you can choose up to 10 Classic Champion horses to race within the same race. The more horses you choose, the more energy and “entry fee” that is required. But the more you risk, the more your chances to win. Prizes range from $2,000 coins to $55,000 coins. Also, your Experience Points reward range from 10 to 100 XP.

Choose your selections, sit back and enjoy of one of the most exciting races inside-the-game. If your horse is well fed and trained, you have a good chance to win against one of the greatest horses in history!